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Our Services
  1. Southside Temporaries offers Production & Assembly Workers
    Southside Temporaries offers Production & Assembly Workers
    Long-term, short-term, direct hire, payroll and try-hire services are some ways you can meet your production needs as well as your labor budget.
  2. Warehouse and Logistics Staffing
    Warehouse and Logistics Staffing
    Our array of long-term, short-term, direct hire, payroll and try-hire services are solutions to help you meet your deadlines and labor budget.
  3. Skilled and Non-Skilled Labor Resources
    Skilled and Non-Skilled Labor Resources
    Long-term, short-term, direct hire, payroll and try-hire services are available for just about any light industrial staffing purpose you have. We have experience with staffing everything from foundries, manufacturers, warehouse, factory, welders, assemblers, and more.

Description of Services  

  • Long-term & Short-term Temporary- This is a great option for clients that have projects of all sizes and duration. You can get a crew of regular workers to report indefinitely or for a short-term project. 

  • Try-Hire-   This is used when a client needs to expand their own staff and would like to add an individual to their payroll. Clients use this service for a more in-depth look at a prospective associate and some opt for an interview before placement begins. The length of time the employee remains on our payroll before released for the client to hire, is negotiable and will be figured in with your custom plan.  

  • Direct-Hire- This is when a client is unable to wait out the probationary period for adding an associate. Therefore; terms are negotiated to release the Temporary or Try-Hire associate for immediate hire. 

  • Payroll Services- This is a great option for businesses that like to bring back their own pool of workers without the hassles of payroll, healthcare laws and unemployment. In addition, we will handle their HR, accounting, issue checks, state, local and federal taxes, Social Security, workman's comp, garnishments, insurance mandate and much more.                                                             
  • Southside Temporaries is a locally owned family business without the restrictions of a franchise or corporate owned agency. This gives us the freedom and the incentive to investigate how we can best service your account and needs without a lot of red tape. Our decision makers are responsive and accessible for negotiations. 

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Southside Temporaries is always finding new and unique ways to attract associates for placement with our clients. Our staff pre-qualifies and connects associates with clients for whom they are best suited, to ensure a smooth, long term placement.

In addition to covering all the pre-employment screening, background and criminal checks, we offer one on one interviews to source candidates that have the best chance for success with your position.

Careful attention to detail, communication skills and listening are key attributes our staff at Southside Temporaries offer to ensure placement success and covering last minutes needs.  


Meet the staff at Southside Temporaries!
From left to right, Tara, Laura, Steve, Kara, Jason and Dana. 

We  are the ones accountable for fulfilling your industrial staffing needs. You will get to know each of us as we work together to find solutions for your productivity requirements. 

Our staff is cross trained, professional and know all about your expectations as a client.